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Beg for mercy at the hand of the gods.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am always winning. Always.

Since the attack on the mansion, I have been quite busy. In fact, I have eliminated dozens of His petty followers, the men and women that are often referred to as his "proxy" servants. Without Dodgy to act as a wing-men, I have adapted to another method of murder. You see, Dodgy is my hound. If one of my victims attempts to flee while I am distracted, Dodgy has the privilege of cutting them to pieces before they can escape.

These vermin flee in terror at the very sight of me. I hate chasing my targets... it is a waste of time.

So, I have resorted to the old traditions of the Thuggee, for which I was taught when I was a mere mortal child, which I will not discuss in this post. Perhaps next time, worms.

For now, I am on the move, and my next destination is a big one. Be prepared, I will reshape history tonight.

Tomorrow, I will tell you of the thoughts that fill my head. Tomorrow, I will describe to you my plans for the a new world. However, I start the grand campaign tonight. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see the splendor held within my imagination.

Good night, my pets.


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  2. You really ARE quite deluded, aren't you? You see, no matter how wonderful you think you are, all you need to do is look to the nearest celestial body to find something greater than you. You're a speck. A miserable little speck that thinks it's special because it can gnaw at other specks. You're just more dust blowing in the wind...

  3. the Death of a god
    is always.

    darkness and hunger awaits thee. yes.

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  5. @PlanetNiles your harassment is no longer cute.

    Not only an idiot, but a liar as well. Or perhaps deceived.

    I am directly connected to Kali, fool. A blind eye is turned to the acts of a righteous servant so that he may do his work efficiently. My methods may not entirely please the gods, but I do as I am instructed and I do it well.

    You are like a little child crying for his mother, seeking attention. If you continue with this foolishness, I will simply ban you from viewing this page. I have no tolerance for liars and fleas.

    @Ferus You are beneath me. Do you think insults will help you? All of humanity is deluded, I am a servant of the gods. Honor your superiors, for your petty words will earn you nothing but a heavier sentence.

    You will all die in the end, by my hand or by another's.

  6. @Thuggee I was just reporting what Sorrow had said to me. She's an avatar of The Morrigan and claims that The Morrigan and Kali are different names for the same deity. She also said she wants your head. Something about "...The severed head Kali is depicted wielding representing the removal of Ego and [you're] nothing but Ego". If you want to debate it then take it up with her.

    I'm not the person who named themselves with a word that means deceiver. You know for a supposed invulnerable superhuman you seem very thin skinned.

  7. @PlanetNiles and for someone who believes himself such a powerful force, you continue to behave like a fly. Obnoxious and small.

    I am the hand of the gods. I will do what I wish, and I will hold double standards. Why?

    Simply for the fact that you cannot stop me from doing so. I may lie, but I will not be lied to. I may abuse, but I will not be abused. I may destroy, but I will not be destroyed. It is the laws by which all superior creatures live. We create them, and you are held to them. Do you believe that gods must follow the rules that they set for their pets?

    The universe works by our hands. You have no say in the matter. Now, be a good pet :)