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Beg for mercy at the hand of the gods.

Monday, October 31, 2011


The Shady Lady, if only I could kill you. 

You are such a... distraction. You are not nearly as important to things as the other girl, the witch, Mystery is... I wonder if the gods would be angry if I pulled you from the picture? You are such a minor pawn... I'm sure you could be replaced.

I'll consider this more in the future. Onto more important topics.

Recruiting has been both a pleasure and an annoyance. I've had to eliminate two or three resistant contenders... but I have acquired a small league of supporters. Awe them with power, and then chain them to you with cunning... that is how it is done. 

One case of disappointment was the one called DeMii. She, unfortunately, escaped me as I was working my method of persuasion... thanks to a certain companion of hers. Fortunately, the day was not without victories. I was able to kill a few MASC agents who were protecting the Monument and its inhabitants, and I have once again caused dissension among the Defenders. Were you surprised, kids? 

Its a tad humorous, in some senses. The ones that are closest to you are the ones that end up doing the most harm. Now you know the truth.

I have been observing all of you from inside the monument. 

I am the father of DeMii's child. The child will make a wonderful host body for my spirit to pass to if anything foul happens to this one. She will be a delightful heir. If only I had had a son instead. The gods have a cruel sense of humor.

I am Doctor Proctor... But perhaps, no. In body, I am Doctor Proctor. But this body is naught but a host for my essence until the day that I can take my divine form. Better to say that Doctor Proctor was merely a leftover personality that I kept around for puppetry. 

I bet you're all a bit confused. Good pets, I will leave you now.

Time to reshape the way this pathetic planet works. You have been far too self serving, it is time that you return to serving the gods. And in turn, serving me. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


My insubordinate pet has been dealt with. He was completely surprised by my appearance, and his body easily destroyed. I consumed him after breaking his flesh and perhaps I will retell the events of at a later time, but I have another purpose behind this post.

I am recruiting. This is your opportunity to join the victorious party, and I will not offer another.

So you have the ultimatum; Join my army and serve me wholeheartedly, or die.

-The Hand Of The Gods

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cutting Strings

Dodgy, my puppet.

I am very displeased.

Your usefulness lingers no more.

You dare to defy me?

I should have suspected that she would unravel you, that she would activate lost memories.

Now, she will suffer the same fate.

The clock is ticking.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I am surrounded by idiots.

On another note, I have withdrawn behind the curtain for the time being. I will let the impudent vermin destroy themselves, for now. The traps have been set, and now I wait.

Until then, swine.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I was raised in shadows. We share a home, creature.

You and I are not too different, beast. You are angry? 

You turn your venom towards me, and I will redirect it at others. I am not afraid of you, you ghoul. 

Come along into the darkness. I know it as well as you. 

Do you admire me, thing? Do you envy me? 

I admire you and your methods, but I prefer my own. If you have power, why not enjoy it? 

Until we dance again, Slender Man.

I will not allow you to catch me off guard again.