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Monday, October 24, 2011


My insubordinate pet has been dealt with. He was completely surprised by my appearance, and his body easily destroyed. I consumed him after breaking his flesh and perhaps I will retell the events of at a later time, but I have another purpose behind this post.

I am recruiting. This is your opportunity to join the victorious party, and I will not offer another.

So you have the ultimatum; Join my army and serve me wholeheartedly, or die.

-The Hand Of The Gods


  1. Well if I die then I can come back and haunt you till you just shoot yourself in the face. So really it's a win/win, least on my behalf.

  2. I don't see much of what one would call "job satisfaction" in working for you. I'll pass.

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  4. You wish to end what we see,
    what is?
    When accomplishment follows,
    when more have fallen dead,
    a consensus will be reached.
    Perhaps it will be yes.
    We shall see, fellow Bird of Prey.