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Beg for mercy at the hand of the gods.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I was raised in shadows. We share a home, creature.

You and I are not too different, beast. You are angry? 

You turn your venom towards me, and I will redirect it at others. I am not afraid of you, you ghoul. 

Come along into the darkness. I know it as well as you. 

Do you admire me, thing? Do you envy me? 

I admire you and your methods, but I prefer my own. If you have power, why not enjoy it? 

Until we dance again, Slender Man.

I will not allow you to catch me off guard again.


  1. He does not get angry. He gets even.
    I would watch myself if I were you.

  2. You should be more careful, it would be a shame if such potential was eliminated.