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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Someday, I will return this bullet to your organization. Be aware of this.

I despise guns. Petty tools, the weapons of a coward.

I dare you to try and kill me. I implore you, challenge me... but do it like a true warrior. Allow me to see your face so that I can drive my fist into it and remove your head from your shoulders.

Guns. If you bother me again, I will not be so merciful.

Now, I'm sure you're all very interested in what I've been up to. If you are one of His followers, you may find out soon.

I think I'm finally starting to enjoy my visit. The high I receive from the slaughter can only be described as godly. The only greater feeling is crushing your opponents, but savoring the final blow for a later date. Letting your enemies simmer in their fear and paranoia... bodies alive, but minds disturbed beyond repair. I can see why He plays around so much, following and watching you. Sending your reality into a pit, allowing you to be horrified, savoring your suffering...

His goals are... Not even I can begin to comprehend what His desires are for this dimension.

Most would wonder "Why did you spare the insects at the mansion? Why not stomp them out?"

You will see... Unless you are dead before then.

Good bye for now.

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