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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End

Everything aligns by fate’s hand, in the end.

The attack was a magnificent success. Dodgy’s cunning tricks allowed me to step through the wards and security set up by the inhabitants of the mansion. The fear instilled by the nightmare I planted within Mystery’s mind beforehand allowed me to gain the upper hand, and they were completely unaware of my presence until I was upon them. The planned assault on the mansion may not have occurred in August, but the mental warfare began the day Mystery’s mind conceived her wonderful collection of paranoia.

I will retell the events for any who will take time to read this post. Know what power you face, and how you cannot resist. Surrender, and perhaps you will be spared my judgment. The gods are not forgiving, but perhaps I will defend your case if you turn away from your rebellious ways and follow me.

The day was warm. When Hurricane Irene had been conceived, it was for multiple purposes. Distracted by the aftermath of the storm, the authorities and population would not notice the supernatural events that would occur on this glorious afternoon. It would also disguise the damages that I would inevitably deal to the mansion and the surrounding forest.

All things set in their place; I approached the mansion from the front yard. Dodgy was by my side, as eager to begin as I, following like the dog he is. I had garbed myself in my ritual sacrifice mask, a wonderful white oval with tribal symbols embellishing it, and a black jacket. For theatrics, I had pulled the hood of my jacket up and had let it hang open, revealing my two ritual blades. These two beauties could carve the flesh from a human’s bones with ease, and I kept them on my person whenever I attended a special event. They were long and curved, with a fine point and golden embellishment along the blade. Two rubies sat in the hilt of the twin-knives, and I had hung them across my left thigh. They certainly added to my appearance, but it had been centuries since I had removed a heart from my victim’s chest with the tools.

I approached the front of the building with my pet by my side, caressing the front wall with the back of my hand. Quite fragile… I overheard someone speaking within the front room, and smiled.

I absolutely despise writing with the English language. On occasion, I’m tempted to revert back to my native tongue, just to ease my pains. Then, I am reminded that this retelling is not for my pleasure but for your horror. Excuse any spelling or grammatical errors that I make. They are the least of your worries.

My vision flared gold as the power of the gods channeled through my body. I raised my palm towards the sky, and brought them down across the front door.

The entire front wall surrounding the door became like paper and crumpled and tore, falling around Dodgy and I. The door blew apart and the shrapnel swirled around my body, creating a tornado effect as I stepped into the mansion.
Mystery was alone. She didn’t seem to be speaking to anyone, perhaps she had been mumbling to herself, and when I made my entrance her eyes lit up with shock and what I assume was terror. My mind was upon her as I stepped into the mansion, and I subdued her thought patterns before she could realize what I was doing. An uppercut through the air in her direction sent her flying upwards, crashing through the ceiling violently.

The gods have blessed me with many gifts and abilities, and one of these abilities is the power to generate energies. To assist my allies in combat, I can wrap their bodies in energy and increase their durability in battle. This does not reduce the pain of an attack, but it helps them to endure more blows.

To ensure that I can enjoy myself with my victims, I use this ability to sustain them from breaking completely… at least, physically. I can only do so much for someone’s mental state, and every once in a while total paralysis occurs simply from fear. The human mind is so fragile.

My point is this: Throwing Mystery through the ceiling like I did would have broken her neck, normally. I was gracious enough to keep her alive for the future.

After I sent her on her way, the enemy became very aware of my presence. The one called Shady scrambled into the room, spewing curses like a pig. She was carrying a silly little ax with her, and it seemed to take her a moment to realize what was going on. Dodgy was getting antsy, so I stepped forward and waved my hand. An invisible force struck Shady across the back, pushing her in my direction. I swung my leg as she stepped into range, and brought my heel across her chin in a high arch. The blow sent her to the ground, and she rolled across the floor and collided against a wall. Another character stepped into the room in time to witness Shady’s defeat, the one called Lucas.

He whipped his katana forward into an offensive stance and attacked. The elegant blade danced between Dodgy and I, separating him from my side. I took a few step backs, giving Lucas’ weapon space. I was fascinated by the use of a sword in modern day combat; it inspired a sense of nostalgia in me.

Dodgy seemed a bit frantic. He dove out of the path of the sword, barely escaping the strike. Lucas whipped his blade over his head, and I leaned backwards as the weapon swung past my head, and then stepped towards the fleeing Dodgy. Poor Dodgy was just too slow, and almost lost his head a few times as the weapon cut through the air around him. I decided to intervene as Dodgy rolled behind some furniture for cover and become trapped.

I clenched my fist, and an invisible force tugged Lucas by the ankle. He slid across the ground, barking in surprise as he was pulled away from his target. I turned my fist towards the sky, and Lucas was hurled against a wall, cracking it. I flicked my wrist, and his katana was wrenched from his grip. He grunted as I repeated the motion, driving him into the concrete floor this time. Without my energy flowing around him, the blow would have broken his knees in two.

“Check your priorities, boy.” I muttered as I walked towards Dodgy, smiling at his efforts. “This might hurt.” I hurled him into the hall and a loud crash resounded from what I assumed was the kitchen.

A bold roar reached my ears, and I spun on my heel as a large beastly swine charged into the front room. Mr. Sunshine had appeared out of nowhere from the front yard, and was raging. Spit flung from his open maw like rain from a dark cloud, and his unintelligent guttural growls were detestable to my ears. To be in his presence was disgusting, so I raised my palm and a ball of energy sprang from my hand. It struck him in the chest, and the ogre took flight across the room and smashed through a closet.

I groped the air, and an invisible energy wrapped itself around his neck. I clenched, and had to refrain from snapping the thing’s neck. Instead, I raised him by his throat and threw him over my shoulder. He smashed against what was left of the front wall, and fell awkwardly to the ground. He started to climb again, reminding me that this one would be able to take more of a beating then the rest. I removed the flow of energy that protected him from death, and the shrapnel that had levitated around me as I entered the mansion reconstructed itself into a large sphere. I hurled the sphere at him, and it shattered on impact, sending him rolling into the front yard. I was tempted to focus on this target, but Shady stirred and I refrained. I turned toward her as she started to rise, and realized that Lullaby had entered the room.

It then occurred to me that in only a matter of seconds, I had already defeated this group. They could not withstand my onslaught. If I desired, I could bring this entire mansion down upon their heads. What fun would that be, though?

I turned away from Shady and grinned at Lullaby. I wanted Shady to be alive, at least to watch this.

Lullaby looked terrified, but she also looked enraged at how her friends were being thrown around like toys. It seemed that she was battling herself. She wanted to move to fight me, but the fear overtook her and she could not take the steps required to attack me. Her little…. Doll… was by her. I would eviscerate it.

I stepped through time and dimensions, and appeared in front of Lullaby instantaneously. I grabbed her by the throat with my hand; bring her head towards my waist and driving my knee upward into her diaphragm. The breath exploded from her mouth, and I drove my knee upwards once again. Did I hear a rib snap? I can’t recall. I spun my arm, hurling her into a wall. The wall mushroomed around her body, and as tears of pain leaked out of her eyes, I seized her doll with my mind.

Suspended in the air by invisible ties, I stroked the thing’s ugly form with the back of my hand. Flames danced across the back of my knuckles and up my fingers, singeing the doll. “I wonder what your ashes will smell like.” I let a spark catch on the thing and tossed it aside, pinning it to the wall with broken shards from the front wall.
I heard Dodgy grunt, and glanced over my shoulder to see Shady bludgeon him in the head with the handle of her ax. He narrowly dodged the blade as she chopped downwards. I intervened, teleporting once again, and kicked her legs behind the knees. She collapsed to the floor, and swung over her shoulder at me. I caught her by the wrist, twisted and caught the ax as it dropped from her hand. Before letting her go, I pulled her wrist out of place and received a satisfactory snarl from her.

   Sunshine was bulldozing towards us from the front yard. I absent-mindedly hurled the confiscated weapon at him, and it struck his shoulder. He rocked backwards, screaming, and continued his charge.

    I chuckled inside. The thing was so blinded with rage that he had not even removed the ax from his shoulder. I teleported around Shady, appearing in front of her and slapped her across the face hard enough to send her to the floor, then flicked a golden bolt in Sunshine’s direction. The bolt struck him in the forehead and sent him reeling through the air, and I watched with pleasure as Dodgy kicked Shady in the stomach.

“Come along, Dodgy, Lucas is back in play.” I crossed the front room and headed for the kitchen. I could also sense Mystery recovering, and sent a wave of fear into her body that would temporarily paralyze her.

Shady spit at my feet as I passed, but I manipulated the saliva and sent it soaring back into her mouth and down her throat. Delicious. I made eye contact with her and winked, invading her mind and activating every pain receptor in her body. She wrenched and heaved, screaming and cursing. The type of pain she was experiencing could potentially wreck her psyche forever. The lucky ones are the ones that go insane.

The entire house was in motion, now. I could sense the fear, the confusion, the panicked thoughts. Dodgy was close behind me when I walked by Lullaby. She lunged away from the wall, tears exploding from her eyes as she clawed at me. Instinctively, I teleported behind her and dodged her assault, then grabbed a nearby lamp from her room with my mind and impaled her from behind it. The long, spear like shape protruded from her stomach and she choked. Dodgy clapped vigorously, and I grabbed the lamp’s shaft.

I tore the thing from her body, leaving a large wound where the thing had ravaged her. My eyes were aflame with gold, and I grabbed her by the hair and threw her into her bedroom. Golden energy surrounded her as she collided with the wall, and all of the walls collapsed in upon her. Then the golden glow faded, showing that she would be sealed beneath the rubble until I was no longer present.

One target dealt with. If she managed to survive long enough for the locals to find her, dig her out, and resuscitate her, I would have to return to clean up the mess later. For now, I had sheep to slaughter.

I think I heard Shady moaning as I passed the bedrooms. My ears perked up as something moved within a room. It seemed that Tim and Trina had planned to catch us off guard with an assault from behind, but Dodgy and I were not easily surprised. As soon as Tim stepped out into the hall, my hands were already moving. My fists were like heavy rain, striking upon the abdominal muscles of Tim until he crumpled into himself and collapsed to his knees. I brought my foot up, striking his face and sending him rolling down the hall.

Trina attacked Dodgy, but Dodgy overpowered her and threw her against a wall. She cracked it on impact, and I stepped in between my lapdog and his chew toy. I pressed my fingers against her temples before she could attack me, and her eyes went blank. The only person in this house with even the slightest chance of withstanding my mental attacks was currently upstairs, trembling in shock.

“You are going to die in three seconds. I suggest you enjoy your last moments of life.” I pressed in on her temples, but wasn’t able to complete my attack. That stupid beast, Sunshine, was back. Dodgy almost got himself ripped in two, but I intervened. I teleported behind him and grabbed his shoulders, pulling back on him and breaking his collarbone. I reached my arms around his ribcage and squeezed. Any tighter, and I would’ve snapped his spine. Instead, his ribs cracked painfully. He tried to elbow me in the face, but I teleported in front of him and drove my fist into his chest. Gold energy exploded against him and he ripped through the air, once again landing outside.

“Dodgy, would you please warn me if that ugly thing returns?” I readjusted my coat on my shoulders, and walked past him as he kicked Trina in the chest.

Tim was slowly climbing to his feet and Lucas was tripping over himself, approaching from the kitchen.

“Hello again,” I levitated Lucas’ katana into my hand from where it had been thrown. “You forgot something.” Tim stumbled towards me, and I whipped the tip of the katana across his face, cutting his cheek. I spun the weapon by the hilt, catching his shoulder and cutting him once again.

“Someone once told me that it doesn’t matter how deep you cut your enemy…. Just how many times you cut them before they go numb.” The tip of the blade weaved quickly across Tim’s chest, slashing it multiple times. His shirt was torn and blood trickled down and littered the floor. He reached up to grab my chest, and I stepped aside, letting him fall forward onto his face. Tim’s distraction had given Lucas time to close the distance between him and I, and he was at my throat with a steak knife from the kitchen.

Dodgy sprang at Lucas, slashing him across the back with a long knife and grabbing him with his freehand as he passed. Lucas was dragged to the floor by Dodgy, and I smirked.

“Good boy,” I raised my palm, levitating Tim into the air and throwing him into the kitchen. He collided midflight with the refrigerator and fell to the ground with a loud thud and a howl. Lucas tried stab at Dodgy, but Dodgy rolled up onto his legs and kicked his opponent’s knife away.
I heard movement behind me, and someone screamed “Trina!”. I spun on my heel and clasped my hands around the girl’s head as she was charging me. My fingers drummed along her ears gently and I cocked her head to the side with a smile.

“Do you mind if I borrow this?” My thumb fingered her eyelid, and in an instant I had plucked an eye from her skull. I felt every drip of horror pour from her as she wailed and screamed. Tears and blood mixed and I kicked her aside absent-mindedly. I tuned her shrieking out, and left her in her shock.

Lucas was on his feet, but Dodgy occupied his attention. I teleported up to him and grabbed him by the back of the neck. Energy ripped through my body and channeled into Lucas. Every muscle and nerve exploded within the man’s body as I dragged him over to the table. In moments I had slammed him through the table, breaking it. I threw him against the oven, denting it. Dodgy was ecstatic.

I had become so fixated with Lucas that I had forgotten the katana. It was still in my grip. I contemplated what to do with the weapon. “Should I have you cut wrists open with your own blade? Or perhaps something more theatrical.”

Lucas groaned on the floor, lying next to the oven. I entered his mind and explored it. I located his subconscious and probed it.

“Oh, I know what I’ll do.” I snapped his katana into two pieces, and the pieces levitated around me. The two pieces circled me and then began to circle Lucas as he was recovering from his beating.

A few moments later, Lucas was pinned to a wall in the kitchen by his hands, hanging a foot above the ground.

Lucas and Trina neutralized for now. I’d bleed the two of them out later.

Dodgy alerted me to Sunshine’s approach as he returned to my side. That animal was going to be a constant thorn in my side. I grabbed the refrigerator with my mind, pulling it up to me and hurling it down the hallway at the approaching ogre. It collided with him at full speed, and he collapsed onto his back and began thrashing to roll the weight off of him.

“Dodgy, put that thing to sleep.” I motioned towards Sunshine, and Dodgy almost danced down the hall towards the monster. Now that that was being dealt with, I could focus my mind. I sent out a wave of psychic energy, searching for minds to break. I could sense Trina, writhing in pain, Shady, exploding with pain but still managing to climb to fight again, Lucas, who was almost unconscious, Tim, who was contemplating whether he could stand or not with the injuries he had sustained, Mystery, just now moving upstairs to rejoin the battle, Sunshine, whose mind was as unintelligible as his speaking patterns, and… another mind.

I approached the bathroom in the hallway. The door was closed. I tapped the doorknob with my finger, and it glowed red-hot.

The door swung open and a sweaty, terrified orderly appeared. He was pathetic. I had turned the bathroom into an oven, and it seemed the sink was boiling from the heat. I grabbed the orderly as he tried to flee, and hurled him back into the bathroom.

 “You wanted to hide? Hide from this.” A golden wave of energy sprang forth from my hands and melted through his body, cutting his legs off at the knee. He fell backwards onto the toilet seat and screamed as the heat burned his hands. Blood flooded out of his legs. Another wave of gold energy hit him, and his legs calloused over where they had been sliced and healed.

“Enjoy yourself.” I shut the door and jammed it. The screams of pain and agony he emitted as he was cooked alive completely satisfied my feeling of boredom.

I wondered for a moment if the toilet would melt from the temperature. Intriguing to think about. Dodgy was over by Sunshine, poking him with his knives as the beast was attempting to recover from my assault with the refrigerator. I joined him, narrowly dodging Shady charging me from a corner.

A knife? Was this stupid girl really trying to eliminate me with a petty knife? She swung at me, infuriated. I was quite fast and stepped around her attacks with ease. Dodgy hadn’t noticed her climbing to her feet while he was pestering Sunshine. How aggravating.

She jabbed at my chest and I caught her hand, flicking her in the elbow and breaking her arm. She roared, and I kicked her in the stomach to silence her. Sunshine tossed the refrigerator off of him, freed and enraged.

I punched Shady in the chest and teleported away with her.

We appeared in the backyard, and for a moment she was stunned by sheer surprise. I dropped onto one leg and spun, kicking her legs out from underneath her. I grabbed her ankle and twisted it, almost breaking it but instead leaving her with a sprain.

A glowing orb of energy appeared at the end of my finger and I dropped it onto her chest. Her body was wracked with almost insufferable pain, which would ensure that she did not become a distraction again. With this one though, who knows if she would somehow manage to conquer her pain and climb to her feet again to fight me.

Anyhow, I teleported away and left her to suffer alone. Dodgy would have his hands full with Mr. Sunshine, and I still needed him alive for the day’s events.

By now you’ve realized what kind of power you’re truly facing, haven’t you? Does it scare you? Remember this for the future: These worms were spared for the plan fact that their usefulness has not yet run out. You and your brothers and sisters who defy us will not be shown such mercy. Shady, Mystery, and all of the companions at the mansion have learned firsthand what happens when you resist the supernatural forces of this world and try to rebel. They live to share the suffering within them, the pain clenched beneath their muscles, the fear locked within their minds. Let them be a testimony to the end.

Where was I? Oh yes, Mr. Sunshine and Dodgy. After teleporting away from Shady, I returned to the front room of the mansion. Dodgy was handling himself quite nicely, dodging and rolling about, whereas Sunshine seemed to be more flustered than ever. Dodgy was much to agile for the large ox to catch, and his lack of brains kept him from trapping Dodgy. His attempts to snare him would have been cute if he was not so deplorable.

When I teleported back, they had not noticed me. My method of teleporting is very… subtle. When I appear it is like a faded shadow of an image that meets the light like a ghost or a phantom, but then becomes solid and steps out into the room. It’s a bit difficult to describe to the unimaginative. You’ll have to wait and see it for yourself.

I had decided to watch how the duel between Dodgy and Sunshine went, but I remembered that Mystery was still very much a threat and decided that I should deal with her accordingly. I probed the mansions interior with my mind, and as I walked by Tim I stepped across his spine and dropped an orb similar to the one I had used on Shady into him.

“Have fun with that little toy.” I left him as he began to roll back and forth in agony.

I faintly detected Lullaby beneath the rubble, panicking in the darkness. Trina had passed out it seems, and Lucas as well. Shady was moving outside, but not in my direction.

Good. Everything is working out as planned. Sunshine would be dealt with, and all that left was Mystery and… I detected another mind in the area, a certain proxy called 85. 

I weaved my mind through his gently, probing his thoughts. He would bring himself to me; I did not need to seek him out. Oh the things I discovered within his subconscious. I was tempted to plant orders in his mind, but I recalled the one called Executor and pondered if he would have the knowledge to track the orders planted in 85’s mind and use them against me. That would be a thorn in my side, so I decided to avoid any risk taking.

I approached the stairs to the second floor and caused the glass in front of them to ripple and explode, tapping my finger along the wall as I ascended. If I had been feeling more theatrical, I would have levitated myself up the stairs. The idea seemed to lack luster though, in my current mood.

I reached the second floor, and saw a vast array of solar panels set up for use. Mystery was not in my line of sight. I recalled the nightmare I had implanted in her mind earlier, the vision of a dark ending for her and her friends. It’s a shame I did not make the dream become a reality, but what use would these puppets be to me dead? Besides, it would be boring to just kill them right of the bat.

Walking over to center of the room, I did not waste time with a fear probe. I would let Mystery reveal herself from her hiding spot. Humans are so predictable. She stepped out from behind the corner of a wall and made eye contact with me, attempting to invade my mind as I had done to her earlier. My mental defenses deflected her pathetic attack, and I teleported up to her and slapped her across the face with the back of my hand. She almost fell backwards from the heaviness of the blow, but I caught her by the arm and flipped her over my back. She smashed into a solar panel, and I don’t recall if she was screaming out of pain or anger or fear. I grabbed her by the ankle and tossed her across the room, and she slammed into another solar panel.

“All of these pretty pieces of work you have here… you’re breaking them with your clumsy body, girl.” I was jubilant. Finally, Mystery was in my presence and I would have the opportunity to play with her. This was the big finish, the grand finale. I would wreck her beyond recovery, and she would beg to be my lapdog.

Today, judgment fell upon she who calls herself Mystery.

I picked her up with my mind and threw her against another solar panel, and repeated the motion once again. I slammed her against the floor and dragged her through the broken pieces of the panels, cutting her delicate flesh.

I invaded her mind, probing it for all of her secrets and fears and desires. Her goal, her plans, her agendas, all of the information was like candy to me. I implanted fears and images of destruction and decay into her mind, I took cherished memories and distorted them, I triggered her body to believe that it was on fire, I triggered her body to feel starved and dry, I did everything in my power to torture her mind without breaking her.

She was a strong little girl. I could push her very hard. So I did. I promised myself I would not leave without destroying this girl. I would continue to push until she was on the brink of insanity. She would be ravaged.

I punched her, slapped her, kicked her, kneed her, and threw her across the room. I did nothing that would paralyze her, though. I wanted her to recover physically. I wanted her to watch as the bruises disappeared, but the mental trauma would never leave. That was my plan.

I only had about fifteen minutes with her before Dodgy alerted me to 85’s presence. An insignificant proxy had interrupted my plans… Dodgy knew that he could not keep his attention focused on both Mr. Sunshine and this new opponent.

This proxy would die for interfering.

I latched my fingers between the strands of Mystery’s hair, “You’re mine, girl. I’m coming back for you.” I said, my face close to hers. I smiled, and patted her cheek before throwing her across the room. My aim was a little bit off… she ended up falling off the second floor and I assume into the front yard.

“So many toys to play with.” My mind whispered within hers, for she was still conscious. “Have wonderful dreams, girl.”

My entire body began to glow with energy, and I teleported to the front room where the battle was still happening.

Sunshine was in the front yard. The beast had slipped away while Dodgy was distracted and held Mystery in his arms. A very good catch…

Dodgy was beating 85 to a pulp with his fists. It warmed my heart. 85 was obviously not cut out to fight such a wicked warrior as my pet, Dodgy. It was disgraceful.

“Dodgy, we’re done. We need to clean up and go. All of the little pests have been dealt with.” I interrupted him while he was bludgeoning the proxy over his head, and pushed him out of the way. “This thing is mine to kill.” I fingered my ceremonial blade, and lifted 85 by the neck.

Dodgy stepped aside, clearing enough room for me to have my revenge.

Energy channeled through my body, up my arm and into 85. Every bone within the creature’s body broke, every organ became inflamed, and his skin bubbled and blistered and turned red with infection. I would destroy him from the inside out.

I hate being interrupted.

As I removed my ceremonial blade from my belt to cut the proxy’s heart out, for memories sake, I felt a rippling in the air and a wave of energy outside the defenses of my mind.

In an instant, Prosper, Executor’s lapdog, had freed 85 from my grasp and he had been teleported away from the front room. I felt rippling all around me as some unknown opponent tried to confuse me with random dimensional jumps.

I growled in frustration. Another kill nipped from my grasp. I felt someone pressing against my mind with his or hers, and lashed out in anger.

Prosper had been here all along, following 85 in, but his mind had been covered by a wall of stealth so that I would not detect him.

That was when I realized that another powerful mind-bender was in the area.

For whatever reason, Prosper was watching over 85. I assume that Prosper was intelligent enough to avoid discovery by Dodgy, and thusly would have compromised the security of my defenses. It could have been potentially… annoying. A knife in the back would not help my mood.

Luckily, the proxy had revealed himself for the sake of rescuing 85. Oh, the wonderful ideas that have formulated in my head now… so many ways to manipulate my opponents through 85. He must be somewhat important for Prosper to expose himself like this.

Prosper and 85 had teleported away from the front room. My usually calm demeanor was ignited with indignation. I had three opponents to deal with now, three unexpected gnats to swat… I was not pleased.

I teleported Dodgy and myself to the second level, briskly grabbing him by the neck and stepping through time and space. I would not do battle with Prosper, 85 and the unknown mind-bender within such a confined area as the front room.

I stepped across the broken panels and let loose my mind, searching.

The Executor appeared in front of me, his pet proxy by his side. Prosper. 85 was behind him, but seemed to be cowering.

“This is not your place to interfere.” I had heard rumors of this gentleman’s business-like approach to matters, and instantly silenced any attempts he would make to negotiate with me by sending a tidal wave of telepathic energy in his direction. He visibly waned beneath the heaviness of my assault, but quickly recovered and returned with an impressive attack of his own.

He hadn’t realized how far out of his league he was. My power was channeling directly from the gods. He was the petty servant to a closet-dwelling demon.

“Bow, worm.” My next mental assault was so powerful that it actually caused the broken solar panels to jump through the air as the wave of energy passed them. Prosper moved to join the fight, but Dodgy stepped in and balanced the playing field once more. 85 was blown off the second floor into the backyard somewhere, the pulse of energy throwing him. Executor strained beneath the wave but defiantly stepped forward.

I levitated into the air as Executor fortified his mental barriers, preparing himself. I had no need to reinforce the armor that adorned my thoughts. This would be the most difficult opponent I had encountered on this day, but not the most difficult opponent that I had ever encountered. I had the edge, and he was blinded by ignorance. He had no knowledge of my capabilities.

Prosper and Dodgy were hacking away at each other below me as I ascended. I had no doubts that Dodgy would maintain the upper hand against Prosper, but I generated a few walls of protective energy and placed them around him, just for insurance. I also opened certain passageways in his subconscious, increasing his reaction speed and his adrenaline flow. All is fair in love and war, they say.

The Executor followed me into the sky, levitating on waves of thought.

Proxy 85 was in the backyard somewhere, his ankle twisted out of socket. I had not generated a field of protection and endurance for him. Must have slipped my mind.

I began to realize that Executor took every blow I struck 85 with strangely personal. Again, another fascinating crack in the wall that I can manipulate my way into.

Now that I was aware of Prosper his mind was no longer cloaked to mine, but to my displeasure I found that Executor was guarding his mind from invasion. I could break the locks open, but it would be far too much of a distraction to deal with while Executor was present.

The Executor began to probe around the walls of my mind, attempting to find cracks. There would be none… none that he could find, at least. Every mental defense has cracks, but I have learned to hide them very well. This battle was practically over already.

I slapped his mind away from mine, and he twitched visibly. I lunged and clawed at his mental defenses, pulling them apart like a stack of bricks. By now, he was beginning to realize that his mind would not be able to withstand my assault for long at this rate. His strategy would need to change if he hoped to win this fight. So he changed it.

Guerrilla warfare has always annoyed me. This was no exception. I almost released an audible bark of irritation when Executor began teleporting random from location to location, crossing the sky above the mansion. He would attempt to assault my mind, fail, and flee before I could counterattack.

I didn’t bother to pay attention to Prosper and Dodgy, but something inside me told me that Prosper was faring as well as his master was. He was losing.

I expanded my mind, sending out waves of thought to try and detect the Executor. I could sense the gateways he opened as he teleported, random disappearing and reappearing. It was then that I decided that if Executor was going to try a new strategy against me, I would return the favor.

The energy of the gods erupted from my body, reaching and illuminating the sky. The trees surrounding the mansion were uprooted and drawn to me, spiraling around my body within my hurricane of gold. The clouds warped and distorted, darkening. The remains of the mansion’s third floor tore loose and swirled upwards towards me. Prosper and Dodgy were thrown about in the midst of the storm, awkwardly continuing their battle. Mystery’s car was dragged into the sky as well, joining the spectacular maelstrom.

The spectacle was of the gods. I wish Dodgy had taken a picture. It was beautiful and terrifying, an image of true glory.  My glory.

Someday, I will do what I have done to the mansion to all of the great cities of the world. New York will be first. I will treasure the destruction of Lady Liberty. It will be a wonderful statement to mankind.

My whirling tornado certainly threw the Executor’s plan off balance. With all of the objects thrashing about as they were, Executor was at risk of teleporting right into a tree and getting bashed about. The only area he could safely operate within was a small area right in front of me. I was forcing him to face me.

His next move was unexpected. He appeared within the area I had designated for him, and as I was about to attack him with the full force of my mind and crushing him completely, he generated a hoard of clones and disappeared among them.

Of course, this attack did not cause my onslaught to falter. It was merely a nice distraction.

A tsunami of telepathic energy ripped through the clones, tearing them apart. Limbs and flesh joined the swirling hellish winds, and as the surviving clones (and the real Executor, whichever one he happened to be) recovered and regrouped, I sent every object within the tornado in their direction. They were crushed from all sides, a beautiful collision indeed.

The real Executor appeared, battered. His suit was less than pretty, torn as it was. He lunged at me again with his mind, but I deflected the assault and impaled his thoughts with a counterattack. He went limp as I invaded his mind. Finally, I was a rat within the cellar of my enemies. I was a thief among jewels.

I began to probe, but before I could rob his mind I heard the load CRACK of a rifle and time seemed to stop. My hand raise defensively into the air, and golden energy exploded from my palm. The explosion from my hand decimated a single bullet that would have struck my forehead.

With my eyes off of Executor, he recovered and slipped away. Another gunshot sounded, and I teleported into the mansion for cover.

I’ll admit, this was not how I had intended to end the day. The Executor, Prosper, and 85 were not a part of my original plan. Now, I would have three more targets to eliminate in the future.

I appeared within the hallway, spotting Dodgy immediately. Prosper was nowhere to be seen, and more gunshots sounded outside. With my attention off of the tornado I had created, it faltered and dissipated. All of the trees and rubble began to rain down upon the mansion, doubling the level of chaos.
When all of this happened, I was far too enraged to care anymore. I was tempted to collapse the mansion out of base anger, but I decided that it was time for Dodgy and I to make our exit. Or… I smiled mischievously.

Executor was fleeing with Prosper and perhaps even 85. I assumed that after this encounter, he would avoid another open battle with me. He was smart enough to avoid such a powerful foe as I. He might try to have me eliminated by an assassin or attack me in a stealthy manner, but he would not put himself in danger again unless his master ordered him to.

The Defenders Against Slenders, the ragtag team of fools, were broken. They would always remember this day; Today, the fall of the resistance, a day that they would never truly recover from.

Dodgy. I did this for your benefit.

“Dodgy, scout the front yard quickly. I need to know if Mystery is still nearby.”

Like a lamb to slaughter, he did as I instructed. As he ran to the front door and stepped outside, a high-powered rifle blew his skull apart.

I knew that I would have very limited time before MASC would arrive, and I was not in the mood to deal with guns. I teleported away, leaving the mansion behind. Or perhaps it was no longer a mansion, but instead a monument. A monument to the end. A grave for the Defenders Against Slenders.


  1. Why don't you pick on someone your own size? You're a third-rate Saruman at best.

  2. EHEHEH!!!
    No please, stop! I can't take it, it's too much!
    Oh boyo, ya really made a mess didn't ya? Ho ho ho~ if they survive em injuries they'll have lots of cleaning up to do.
    I wanna blow apart a place like that, yes sir I do. Gonna get me some dynamite and have some fun. Thank ya for the inspiration, boyo! Great job, made a work of art, that ya did. ;)

  3. TL:DR

    Actually I found this quite boring. Mary-Sue much?

  4. Lucas... Oh god...

    Ferus can wait.

    You're mine, fool.
    Your heart is mine.

    I'll tear it out with
    my bare

  5. @AmalgamationSage Someone my own size? I'd like to meet this someone. Please, disclose names like a good pigeon.

    @Gallows-Tree Wonderful. Perhaps, if I am in need, I will bring you along to my next slaughter. I have more targets planned for the future, and Dodgy will take time to respawn before I can use him again. I'm always accepting new followers.

    @PlanetNiles Funny little thing. Humans have this funny way of putting on a face of "boredom" and such to cover up fear. As to your Mary-Sue reference, what did you expect? I am practically a god. Did you expect me to break a sweat?

    You've yet to experience anything like me, and yet most of you have claimed to have experienced "The slender man". You no nothing of the supernatural world. Go hide in a closet, and I'll deal with you later.

    @The Big Bad Wolf it will be humorous to see you try.

    To quote Lucas, "Come at me bro". :)

  6. You dismiss the Slender Man as if he is naught but a shadow for small children to shiver at. Even if you DO have these powers you claim, I highly doubt you understand them or their source. Do not shrug off what you do not understand, "Thuggee". It is what you do not understand that will destroy you in the end.

  7. @Thuggee The problem with being "practically a god" is that you're not actually a god. I personally know enough gods, avatars and 'Hire Powers' that I've lost count.

    Perhaps I'll introduce you some.

    I've met your Slenderman entity in the dreamlands and I kicked it's arse. Quite frankly I don't think it's as hard as people make out. All bark, no bite.

    Oh and as Blight says, these powers will destroy you unless you change narrative track, but then the same is true for Blight herself.

    Now excuse me I'm going to be late for a meeting. Perhaps, if we could do with a laugh, I'll mention you.

  8. I'd say I'm your size. Leave the damn kids alone.

  9. @PlanetNiles Very cute attempt to advertise your petty club on this page. I'm not interested in a club of little girls who like to play dress-up and "let's pretend". As for your empty threats, go sit in a corner while the big boys play. You run your mouth, but you reveal your incurable ignorance with your words. Go, get your "gods" and your "higher powers", let them fight your battles for you. I enjoy the taste of victory, I am eager to taste it again. Call your allies to your side, let them be slaughtered. You will die like all the other insignificant toys that get in my way. I spared the DAS from death for reasons that are my own; I have no reason to spare you. Your turn to die will come. Stop these petty attempts at "banter" or whatever you call it, it's goofy and boring. I have better things to do than to play your little game of back and forth.

    @AmalgamationSage My fist is not selective. Let's play, I will turn your flesh inside out and hand your corpse over to Dodgy for a new toy.

  10. I dare you to come after ME, Thuggee. I may not LIKE Niles or AmalSage, but I dislike YOU even more. Let's go toe-to-toe. I guarantee you I'll win. Anybody who's as much of a blowhard as you has to have some very GLARING weaknesses.

  11. @Blight don't fret, perhaps I will kill you soon. It would be an act of mercy, and a favor to the multitudes. I will cleanse the earth of your idiocy.

    In due time, the fist falls upon every foe.

  12. No true god exist , life is not made for living , but to reproduce because there is men and women . People are made to destroy themselves , that is why there are multiple factions , that is why people want to seem strong . You probably wishes for power , but yet you will die , life is made to reproduce then die , humans especially , they cause destruction of their own world and all innocents will be drained with them . I do not claim a side , but like the events here , if you found the hidden message , you know what.