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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dodgy, the eve is approaching fast. In the month of August, I will break their foundation and send them cowering into the woods.

Be prepared to harvest the crop.

Also, I need a status update from you. Are you doing your job, or do I need to... encourage you.... to get back to work again?

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  1. I have been at work, master. D: I have been gathering information and working on getting this new body in shape and killing any of His that I come across. I was only toying with the Skan-girl. Had she let me in, I would have played with her, but it would all have been in an effort to uncover what she knew of VINDICATE and MASC and the witch and her little family. I was never serious about sharing any secrets with her! It's called creative problem solving.

    You know if there is something specific you wish of me, all you need do is command me!