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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My words are cryptic. Faith is required to see, knowledge is required to decode, and wisdom is required to understand. Do you hold these tools within you? I doubt it.

Dodgy, I have another task for you. With all these details to be covered, you will not have a moment to yourself. 

I need you to gather some items for me, as well as some information. I've been observing the blogs here on the internet... I don't understand why people blog. It seems quite pointless. 

I will disclose no information concerning the August revelation. I would hate to ruin the surprise for them.

Slender man. What an idiotic name for him. Don't you agree, Dodgy? 

This world... it makes me sigh with disappointment. Coming back here once again, dealing with mortals... It's all so boring. 

If it was my decision, I would not wait for the upcoming month to begin. His followers are abundant, and I would enjoy toying with his mind. 

Pet, get me the information I want. If we are to enjoy the first step in this long walk, we will need to be prepared. Things must be set in motion.

Oh and on another topic, I will be away from July 23rd to August 6th. Dodgy, be good while I'm away. When I return, I will be very irritable. If you displease me, I will kill you. 

Enjoy the reprieve.

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