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Beg for mercy at the hand of the gods.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


New Jersey. I've arrived. So much to do, so little time. Where should I begin?

Hello, worms. Do you remember me? No? A shame. I must remind humanity to fear and respect my image, once again. How unfortunate.

It amuses me that humankind has become so self-absorbed. The addiction to self-pleasure, drugs, food, the internet, television, technology, and socialization is quite pathetic. If it was my decision, I would press the reset button on this entire planet.

But the gods have different matters to deal with, and I will be the clenched fist that drives the hammer against the nail.

This webpage was made out of necessity. Do not assume that I will inform you on the gods' plans. If you would like to watch as judgement is placed upon the rebellious insurgents, you may.

Tread carefully and pay due respect to the gods, or you will be dealt with as well. This is a purge.

And a warning.

Mystery, TheShadyLady, and all others who dare threaten the kingdom of the gods,

I am coming.

- The Hand Of The Gods

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