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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I selected you before you were born.
You were chosen for my use, to be manipulated by me.
You were designed to be my puppet.

Oh, but you resist me. I knew that the other's influence would weigh heavily on your mind and I wished it to be so, but... something went wrong, didn't it? Perhaps I underestimated your level of awareness. So, I fabricated visions and implanted them in your mind. You believed every inception, every implanted memory, every false moment, but not for long.

I too was selected by the gods long ago, I too was a part of this cycle. I had an innate connection with the gods and their power, I was a very special child. I held positions of power and influence during my life. When I was fully prepared to embrace the role the gods had designed me for, I was ritually possessed by their power and became a new creation. When my physical body decayed and became useless, I used the gods' ruhmal to obtain a new host. The cycle has never been interrupted and never shall be interrupted.

You were not meant to become a new creation, but to be the host body of a higher being. I molded you in such a way so that I could use you behind enemy lines without being detected. My mind directed yours, but you did not realize it was so. You did not know that your thoughts were really mine. It was a perfect deception.

But the Slender Man, as He is called now, wanted you as well. I smiled, knowingly. He would try and influence you and I would have a method of sabotaging His works. So, He came to you as a child. You saw him and were infected by His powers, I allowed you to be manipulated but remained observant while He pulled your strings...

He kept you in a state of hypnotism for many years, but I spared your sanity. You would have been broken forever otherwise. I kept you from becoming a mere tool of His. You became different, you became a special case. To keep your mind from snapping, I created an imaginary world for you to dwell within.

It's funny, really... You have always blamed Him, but in reality it was I who created the illusion that became your second life.

TheAdvocate... He was a part of what the Slender Man was doing in your life. You remember now, don't you? You saw the truth. You know the big secret now. You and TheAdvocate have a very similar destiny... Your lives are intertwined together.

So many years... You spent so many years in that fake world and then finally the Slender Man  loosened his grip on you. As His gaze turned away from you, I took full control of your life. He still believed that you were His. I had successfully deceived even the great Tall Man! It did not stop there though.

I organized your encounters, I set you up to meet the Shady Lady, while you slept I worked within your mind. When I needed to control your body fully without alerting you to my presence, like the day I attacked the DAS' Haven, I surrounded your mind with lies and made you believe that you had spent the day with your parents or reading a book, or searching for answers about your past.

Half of the truths you once believed have now been revealed to be lies, Doctor Proctor. After you moved into the mansion with the other remaining DAS members, you started to see through my deceptions. Your subconscious became aware of my presence while you slept and you began to dream of things... Things that you had no business witnessing.

I had used you as a tool to work behind enemy lines... but your subconscious began to resist my influence. I needed an heir... a body that I could transfer my power to if I ever lost you as my host. So, I manipulated you and TheAdvocate as well as DeMii and I created a daughter. After she was born and your subconscious openly defied me, I rejected your essence from your body and took control of it. You... some how managed to posses... a house cat...

But Lullaby... She was not like you.

She is dead now. The Shady Lady failed to protect my child and I will punish her for her failure soon enough.

I am in need of a new heir. The gods gave me a gift earlier this year, a special weapon. The gods' ruhmal. I will secure a new host body using this ancient tool. I have already begun my work, having already consumed many spirits...

My irritation is not relieved, however. I will consume your spirit and the Shady Lady's spirit and I will create a new host body... That will help ease my frustration.

But what will I do with the empty host body I create? Well... I will fill it with a powerful spirit.

The spirit of someone like you, Casey Black. Someone who I have  manipulated since the day of their creation. Someone I have specially influenced for this purpose.

But you already know this... and so you will die as well.

Nothing can be left to stand in my way.

I'm glad to see that you and the Shady Lady are on edge. TheAdvocate will be dealing with you very soon and I will be rid of another distraction.


  1. "I will consume your spirit and the Shady Lady's spirit and I will create a new host body... That will help ease my frustration."

    No and no to both of those. If you're so "frustrated" go pay off a prostitute.

    And even if Proctor is upset (with good reason) it won't stop me from helping him. You keep your grubby hands, and your mutt, off the Doctor.

  2. Isn't it funny how things work out like this, Thuggee?

    I think its time that you spilled the beans on everything... and I mean everything.

    The people involved deserve to know the truth.