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Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Road Runner is dead. Nicely done, Shady. 

She was a tool, truly. A tool of disorder, of anarchy. She was never welcome in among my elect. She was a pawn, a distraction -- She was disposable. She allowed me to use her, fully understanding that I was manipulating her, and would have eventually tried to turn my subjects against me. The power-hungry insects lack a whit of loyalty, and it would have been an unnecessary distraction to have to kill them all for rebelling against me... So, I killed the crow before she could build a nest among the corn. Actually, you killed her. I watched, it was delightful. Do you have some kind of relationship with that Proxy they call... 85, I believe? It would not surprise me if you did. You seem to have a thing for psychopaths.

I have many spies in place. The information Road Runner, or Lenore as you call her, provided me with not only allowed me to strategically attack groups of targets but it also gave me the opportunity to plant my own men behind enemy lines. 

I'm coming for your pet, Faceless One. Do you think the Executor can really contest my power? I am a much higher being, I will simply put him down like a bad dog. Are you going to fight his battles for him? I recall you attacked me once near the Haven, when I was walking in the woods. It was before my child was born, if I recollect correctly. It seems like so long ago. I am prepared for you! You will not catch me off guard as you did before.

Now, I have a few more things to discuss... But I think I will save them for a later post.

I'm sure TheAdvocate will cover them when he returns from his away trip to Texas. I had an army to build, and chemical warfare to test. He and I have come to a modest agreement and we are no longer of one body.   He had quite a few demands... and he is skilled in the art of persuasion. 

One of the things that he asked of me was to relocate my spirit to another host body and give him Casey's old shell... I humored him. After a great deal of thought, I decided on a course of action.

I have created a new host body, one that is suitable for a god. Casey's body was born of a woman and designed to die... My new masterpiece has been designed to be a lasting weapon. Dodgy, ironically the essence and spirit I used to generate this new host body was the same that I received after consuming you and your whore.

Now I see why TheAdvocate laughs often. The world is truly full of humor. 

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