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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Shady Lady

You have my permission to eliminate the Road Runner. You do not have permission to harm my child, Lullaby. Also, you will expose Doctor Proctor to the Advocate for elimination. If you resist him, I will deal with you and your friends personally. You will not receive the same mercies you received the day I came to deliver my message to Mystery. Need I explain my intentions? No, I think not.

Do as your told, girl. Maybe you can still prove yourself to be useful.


  1. You give that thing permission? She is not yours; nor does it follow any protocol to obey your orders. The Road Runner will die, your heir will die, Proctor will be obtained. There is no deal or bargain to be made; especially with a low class pawn as that.

    Do not try my patience, filth. Leave our property alone and return to your useless slaughtering. As well, keep your mutt's hands off His tools.


    1. 1. You're a piece of shit.
      2. I'm not yours nor His.
      3. Don't say what will and will not happen, it's not your place. Go back to buzzing around the hive.
      4. I can very well tell them to bugger off myself.
      5. Low class pawn? You're not getting any brownie points, mister, mister. Crawl back up Slender Man's ass and return to hiding.

      Now with that out of my system... Comment for you, Thuggee, below.

  2. The likelihood of these things actually happening is low.

  3. Ah... Ha. We'll see, Thuggee. I'm rational enough to consider things, the likelihood of me not telling you to piss off though is pretty low. But hey, who the hell predicts the future?

    No, but seriously, I figured you would have learned by now forcing things upon me doesn't work out well. See, I got this nasty little habit of not doing things people want a lot of the time. Maybe if you asked a little nicer...

    Also, important note: Don't ever pretend like you have the authority to give me permission and deny me things. You're not my provider, I am not under contract, nor am I enslaved to you. Save that for your bitch with a needle fetish.

    Heh. I won't bend over for you like your new lapdog. The best you're getting from me is this: I'm considering.