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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Its time to continue with the task at hand. Finally.

Road Runner has done a wonderful job at mapping out the locations of important targets.

TheAdvocate and I have come to an... understanding...

...And I have received a new tool from the gods after much petitioning, sacrifice and worship. Very good news.

Do you know much about the Thuggee? I remember much of the old traditions, some of which I have strayed from... but with this new weapon, I will remind the fearful multitudes of the sacred ways.

Blood to appease the gods, but spilled blood will do no good. Now I have a wonderful method of harvest.

A shame Dodgy could not be here to share this moment, this tool...

I will find another pet to place at my right-hand soon. In fact, I have someone in mind who will fit the bill...

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