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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Piece By Piece

My success is daunting. Even I am impressed with how quickly my opposition has collapsed. 

The Defenders Against Slenders are a joke, a shamble. They collapsed shortly after my attack. If you still wonder why I spared them on that day, glance at them now. They are dead all the same, they will not put up much of a fight.

As for MASC, they will get their judgement soon. That affair shall involve much more bloodshed. 

As for Mystery, she is off hunting on a wild goose chase. When we cross paths again, I will turn her into a pet to replace Dodgy. She will be a wonderful asset. 

It seems the Executor is on the hunt. Another pawn in check. 

Everything is going so splendidly. 

Now I'm off to manipulate the rest of humankind. 

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  1. It's amazing how you keep all these fantasies of you being in control in order. It's like a liar juggling all his lies, minor or major. Kudos to you so far. Can't wait to see it all come crumbling down upon you soon.